Mexico: Adventure In The Depths Of Ek Balam

The adventure has a bewitching fragrance… And go off her couch, watching Indiana Jones retrieve a relic in the middle of the jungle at the risk of her life or Lara Croft jump from ruin to ruin to unravel the mystery of a lost civilization: it’s exciting! And that’s exactly the impression I got when I entered this black hole, in the belly of the earth in cenote Ek Balam.

One of my best memories in my travels.


What is a cenote? I will resist the temptation to give you a master class that alone would take the size of a relatively long article. And as I promised you I would no longer drown under 4000-word articles… I resist!

But still, to give you the context of this beautiful day, I have to tell you “a little” about the cenotes.

Cenote is a deep natural well or sinkhole, found mainly in Central America, formed by the collapse of limestone, partially or completely filled with water.

Cenotes are particularly abundant in the south-eastern region of Mexico, with more than 10,000 in the Yucatan Peninsula.

If they were once considered sacred places (link with the underworld and place of ceremony), these natural swimming pools of a crystal blue are today places of bathing and adventure!

Like Ek Balam’s cenote, reputedly the largest on the Yucatan Peninsula.

At The Heart Of The Cenote Ek Balam

Arriving on the site, I discover with surprise infrastructure worthy of a holiday center. It is far from my images of wild jungle: small welcome shed, changing locker room, restaurant area Tourists arrive in small groups, crossing each other without mixing. As all this seems well organized!

The jersey threaded, we finally get to the hole of the cenote. A platform has been set up to abseil down to the cool waters of Ek Balam, 26 metres below.

Always going to embark on this kind of adventure! On the edge of the abyss, I am equipped with a harness and gloves. “It’s very easy, you’ll see!” Half reassured, I place my feet on the edge, my body above the void.

With a trembling hand, I let out a few centimetres of rope in order to begin my descent. Like Lara Croft entering an ancient city covered by the earth, I discover the décor of this cenote. From my point of view, its 60 meters in diameter seems gigantic to me. It’s so dark in the distance. And yet, A few meters under me, I see sparkling blue water.

Ek Balam: More Than Just A Cenote

Ek Balam does not only refer to this: it is also the name of a Mayan archaeological site, located 30 km north of Valladolid and 2 km from the cenote of the same name.

In the Mayan language of Yucatan, “eek’ balam” means black jaguar (ek “black,” balam “jaguar”).

This city, which dates back to 300 years bc. J.C., was once a very rich Mayan capital. It covers about 12 km2 and consists of a sacred central space where the elite resided, protected by walls.

Ek Balam, unknown to the general public, is nevertheless considered one of the most impressive archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. And I understand why: the decorations of its monumental main pyramid are worth a visit!


10 Reasons To Fall In Love With Iceland

Travelling to Iceland is more accessible than ever so I decided, on a whim, to go to Iceland and discover this legendary country with a hostile climate.

I didn’t know at the time that I was booking a plane ticket for a trip “that would forever change life as I knew it”. But why did I fall so violently in love with this country?

Here’s why I fell in love with Iceland.

10 Reasons To Explore Iceland

#1 The People

I get off the plane, I arrive at customs. Tsé the place where you meet an agent with a sullen look who scrutinizes intensely your passport photo not too flattering? Well, Icelanders are really part of a class of their own. A beautiful blond man smiling greets me and laughs at the fact that we have the same birthday. This is just one example, but I am prepared to say that I have never met any unpleasant Icelanders. On the Guide to Iceland website, you can even contact people living in Iceland to take advantage of “local” tips.

#2 The Foam

Yes I said the foam. No matter where you are, green, cozy and abundant moss will be part of the landscape. Get out of your car and have fun; that or a little blue carpet floor in a gymnasium is the same thing, as well take the opportunity to splurge.

#3 Geysers

Dare to be a tourist for a moment and go see the Strokkur Geyser: Iceland’s most active geyser. And I can confirm that he’s really active! It is possible to see an impressive jet up to 20 meters high springing every 5 to 10 minutes.

#4 The Road, The Road And The Road

I am used to driving on roads decorated with orange cones or potholes; With this in mind, Iceland is quite a change of scenery. So rent a car, take a walk, explore and explore Iceland on a road trip! The Icelandic roads are beautiful, it’s even hard not to stop every mile so the scenery is impressive!

Iceland is not perfect anyway; there are the F-roads. F roads are unpaved roads where you can find volcanic stones, rivers (yes, yes) and unstable soil overflowing with surprises (potentially unpleasant). It is forbidden to take these roads without 4X4 and, quite honestly, only the 4×4 very high on legs and well-heeled will be able to survive these hostile roads. On the other hand, you have to dare to take these roads since they often lead to breathtaking landscapes.

#5 Solidarity

The passage on the F roads requires me to talk about solidarity between travellers. I’ve never felt safer than in this country. No matter what may happen, you can count on the other travellers.

A flat tire on an F road three hours’ drive from the nearest village? No problem, a tour guide and nearly a dozen drivers stop to make sure we are safe. A British couple’s car sinks into a ditch by the side of the road? Fifteen travellers from different backgrounds stop and are not afraid to get dirty to help them. And these are just a few examples!

#6 The Mountains

Perfect cone-shaped mountains, trays, sharp others like knives and some immaculate shades of color. The Icelandic mountains alone are a reason to explore this country as quickly as possible.

#7 The Northern Lights

If you travel to this Nordic country somewhere between autumn and spring, you will have the chance to observe it. Contrary to popular belief, in a country like this, the Northern Lights are even visible in the middle of the city! Why go to a club to attack your retina next to a strobe when you can sit outside quietly and observe one of the most beautiful wonders offered by Mother Nature? Here is an article on how to see an aurora borealis in Iceland so you don’t miss anything from this majestic spectacle.

#8 Waterfalls

There must be as many waterfalls as trees in Iceland!

No, but literally, there are falls everywhere! Some are huge, others are small, but they give an I-don’t-know-what to the Icelandic experience.

#9 Horses

On the outskirts of Reykjavik or in the middle of I-don’t-know-where, you will have the chance to admire majestic wild horses. There is nothing more soothing than to surprise a horse galloping freely in the distance.

#10 Rainbows

Yes, the 10th point and not the least. You may notice that in a single day it can be: sun, grey, rain, hail, sun, windy and grey, just grey, windy and sunny, sunny and rainy … Do you understand my point? The temperature is very changing and this has one particular advantage: see at least one rainbow per DAY. Maybe I’m too dreamy, but how similar is this country to Paradise (with a big P)?

Have you ever visited Iceland?

Commercial cleaning services Pittsburgh

5 Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Meeting Room Clean

Meeting rooms are one of the most used places in an office building. A meeting room can house the entire staff during the conference and other events. This use makes it paramount that the meeting room is clean and safe for everyone.

The meeting room must be cleaned continuously with the current pandemic, seeing that it is a commonplace. Making use of commercial cleaning services for effective cleaning is the order of the day. You can get commercial cleaning services in Pittsburg to assist.

You will have to do a brief research on the service you want to hire, though. Cleaning your meeting room will have to be done consistently. Commercial cleaning services Pittsburgh are readily available to meet your needs.

However, you can still learn to keep the meeting room clean yourself. Making use of commercial cleaning services could cost about $20-200 depending on the service you pick. Therefore, we have explained efficient means of keeping your meeting room clean.

5 Most Efficient Means to Keep your Meeting Room Clean

Efficient Ways to Keep Your Meeting Room Clean

You don’t always have to hire a cleaning service to maintain a clean meeting room. With these tips, you will find that your meeting rooms always look as clean as possible.

  • Clean up after use

It is almost impossible to make use of the meeting room without leaving trash. It doesn’t matter what the meeting room was used for; you should do a quick clean up. All the notes, handouts, can drinks, or food should be trashed appropriately after every meeting.

All members of the meeting should partake in cleaning the room to make it easier. At the end of the session, the leader can help ensure everyone disposes of the mess correctly.

  • Putting back equipment in their right places

It would help if you kept all equipment and devices, whether it’s a speaker, projector, or camera, back in their place. You should ensure to switch off all equipment and place them in the right position. Electronic devices should also be turned off.

After meetings, you should reorganize all extra seats or pieces of equipment used. Everyone must ensure that these materials are kept in their right positions after use.

It is also necessary that lights are turned off after meetings held in the meeting room, once the conference room is organized and ready for the next use.

  • Cleaning surfaces and windows

Disposable wipes should be made available to ensure that surfaces such as tables are kept clean after every meeting. It also helps to sanitize the meeting room before use.

Also, you should sanitize desks, systems, and tech equipment used during meetings. This practice will help reduce the spread of germs and viruses in the office.

The windows should also be sanitized and cleaned. So there wouldn’t be specks of dirt and dust on them.

  • Making use of regular cleaning calendar

A meeting room must be frequently and regularly cleaned, even if the meeting room is in constant use.

A regular cleaning schedule can help prevent any clashes. This cleaning is to ensure that the room can be fully operational and functioning every time.

The meeting room should be vacuumed regularly, trash bins should be emptied, and the surface of tables, windows, and equipment sanitized. The help of commercial cleaning services can be employed to create a better environment.

  • Promote proper hygiene

Promoting proper hygiene at the workplace is an efficient means of keeping the meeting room clean.

Since the meeting or conference room is generally for most staff, your company can draft out some health measures. You should ensure the due implementation of proper hygiene.

Staff should be encouraged to carry along their hygiene products. It will help keep them safe. Also, some of these materials must be available for your staff use.

Examples of such items include; air purifiers, hand sanitizers, tissues, wipes, and disinfectants.

Having this product handy is necessary to help promote hygiene in the office, especially meeting rooms. Once the meetings come to an end, store these materials for safekeeping and later use.

Tips on How to Sanitize and Keep the Meeting Rooms Clean

  • Dispose of all trash after every meeting or close of the day.
  • Draw out a safety plan for the office staff.
  • Disinfect places or areas high-touch such as door nobs and desks.
  • Cleaning items should be made available.
  • Promote proper hygiene in the office.


Maintaining a clean office and meeting room takes a lot of effort. You can contact cleaning experts to ensure that you have a regular clean meeting room.

You can get a comprehensive commercial cleaning service list in Pittsburgh that will fit your office needs. You can check out their reviews on sites.