About Us

We may have visited quite a handful of places already yet we can say that we still have not travelled enough.

Travelling for us had become a passion over the years. It is not just about the sceneries or the adventures that comes with it rather it is the eye-opening experience that each place has to offer.

No trip or vacation is the same even if you go to the same locale.

The best lesson that we learned in our travels was to transcend beyond sceneries and adventures. Always make sure that you will be able to know what the place is by mingling with the locals.


Who We Are


Marsilius Rousseau

Blogger / Adventurer
I prefer to go to places that are not well known to be tourists locale. That way, I will be able to mingle with the locals and get to know the place more. Hiking, camping and trekking is what I like most. Snorkelling is also another activity that I engage in whenever possible.

Melodie Arnoux

Blogger / Adventurer
Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I always go to places with plenty of water. May it be by the sea, rivers or mountains, there is something with the way the water flows that invigorates me. Where to find these places? Ask the locals.