Top 5 Vietnamese Street Food

It’s the perfect time to start planning your vacation. What if we went to Vietnam, a country known for The Bay of Along, the hospitality of its people and especially its food? But before you get on board, a little quiz: what do you know about Vietnamese gastronomy besides phở, nems and ben? That’s what I thought! It doesn’t matter, We offer you a short stopover to discover the diversity and originality of Vietnamese street food!

Bánh Xèo

The Bánh Xèo intrigues naturally because of its shades of yellow. It is very often unknown to tourists while it is widespread in Vietnam, whether in restaurants or small street stalls.

Basically, it’s the Vietnamese version of a salted pancake. But in fact, it’s much more than that: the patty is not made from eggs, but rice flour that is fried on the outside to obtain this golden and crispy texture. Inside the patty, the filling consists of beef, lots of soy, ognons and possibly mung beans, with one last surprise to which you have to get used to, shrimp with their shell!

The Xeo is always accompanied by a salad leaf, different herbs and of course nước mắm, Vietnamese fish sauce. Once at the table, the tradition is that we cut the Bunh Xèo into small pieces and then eat them coated with salad leaves.

It is a dish that will travel with you, since its taste varies by region! For example in Huê, it is even a local specialty, occasionally renowned for The City of Bunh Khoi, of which you can admire the 50 shades of yellow above. Enjoy your meal!

Bánh Bèo

The bánh bèo is a dish consisting of several small patties made from rice flour. They are steamed in small moulds in the shape of cups. These patties are usually covered with crumbled shrimp, but the filling varies by region; in any case, they are always covered with nước mắm. It is better to taste this dish still warm and quickly enough to enjoy the fondant of the patties.

The bánh bèo is delicious, but also aesthetic: the plate presents itself as a pyramid of patties, left in their cup or not, it still depends on the regions!

Bánh Mì

One of the many examples of French influence on Vietnamese gastronomy is the Bánh mi. “Bánh Mì” is a term that originally refers to the Vietnamese-style baguette – produced by a clever mixture of rice and wheat flour – but has become the generic term for any type of Vietnamese sandwich.

The Bánh Mì as delicious as cheap (less than 1 euro) and you’ll find stands of Bánh Mì really everywhere! There are many varieties of bunh m, but the main ingredients are grated carrots, coriander and other herbs, cucumber, and sauce (mayonnaise, spicy, soy or Maggi). That’s why the taste spectrum of the bunh can vary enormously from salty to sweet, through spice.

There are vegetarian sandwiches (bunh m-chay) but there is almost systematically meat (bunh m thịt): Vietnamese pâté, lay pork belly, pork sausage, or strips of dried meat, there is something for everyone! And those who don’t want to choose will enjoy the “special combo”) “bunh” đặc’s own! It’s even possible to eat a morning bunh, with fried eggs, soy sauce or Maggi and cucumber (bunh me trứng a la) if you want to try a popular Vietnamese breakfast!


Here is a dessert that often frightens dilettantes because of its strange texture and its many colors. However, the French often know the ‘chè ba màu’ (drink in three colors) without knowing that this dessert is part of the long line of chè!

There are an infinite number of varieties of oak , which can be found in soup or drink – with mung beans, jelly, coconut milk, exotic fruits, rice paste and tapioca balls as the main ingredients. The oak is therefore a mixture of these different ingredients for a very original taste, and has a liquid or gelatinous form, even solid.

The oak can be eaten cold or hot, like this succulent chè chui above (with banana and balls of tapioca)! You will find many stalls to take away, which you will eat in a makeshift container, often a small plastic bag!

Cà Phê Sữa Đá

Vietnamese drink their hot coffee, but mostly cold! Coffee has been a national pride since it was introduced to Vietnam by French colonizers at the end of the 19th century. Vietnam is now the world’s largest exporter of robusta and itself a major consumer of coffee. This is how the cà phê sữa (literally “latte with ice cubes”) became Vietnam’s flagship drink.

To make an iced coffee, the principle is very simple: we filter Vietnamese coffee seeds that are mixed with sweetened condensed milk before pouring everything into a cup filled with ice cubes. Fast, cheap (about 1 euro), and your taste buds will thank you. To be consumed after your long walks!

And of course, try the phở!

No need to advertise the famous Tonkinese soup from Nam Định, southeast of Hà Nội. The most common are phở gà (chicken) and phở (beef) and are always served with soy, lemon, hot sauce and possibly doughnuts in stick to dip in the broth.

Just know that Vietnamese eat phở at any time of the day, and often at breakfast!

The list is obviously not exhaustive, given the huge range of Vietnamese dishes. For the curious, I could also have told you about the bunh cuon, tấm in b’nh bao for example, but I’d rather let you discover all these little pleasures for yourself! But before I leave you, I’ll explain why there’s the word “bunh” in many Vietnamese dishes. “Benh” literally means “cake” or “bread” but must be taken in the broadest sense of the word, since it usually refers to anything that can be cooked from flour (noodles, dumplings, cookies…). And the word that follows serves to define this “cake”!


Discover Fiji!

In the excellent film The Truman Show, the main character played by Jim Carrey is obsessed with escaping from his monotonous life to the paradise of Fiji. Many travellers share this feeling but do not want to go there believing that it is too expensive a destination. Make no mistake, it is possible to visit this wonderful country made up of 333 breathtaking tropical islands on a limited budget. On the way to Fiji!

Bula Nadi!

Upon arrival at Nadi International Airport, you will have the chance to be greeted by musicians with flower necklaces and traditional musical instruments. Although it’s cliché, you won’t be able to resist the urge to smile after a long flight that took you to the middle of the Pacific. If the city of Nadi has nothing exceptional to offer, it is a very good starting point to organize the continuation of your Fijian adventure.

Located on the main island of Viti Levu, this town of 40,000 people offers different types of accommodation, from the 5-star hotel to the hostel. To keep the budget and keep as much money as possible for future activities, opt for the Bamboo Backpackers. Attentive and helpful, the managers of this hostel will treat you like old friends as soon as you arrive. You will have the chance to discover Fijian culture while getting to know other travellers from all over the world. Samu, at the reception, will be happy to guide you and explain the different attractions that the region offers.

Upon entering my inn room, my gaze immediately rested on the map of the world hanging on the wall. It’s hard to imagine that I’m on this little island, lost in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. That’s when I realized how far away I was from home, feeling exciting and somewhat terrifying at the same time.

Travelling means getting out of your comfort zone.

The Kava Experience

Described in all travel guides, the kava drink is an interesting cultural experience that deserves a try. However, you have to be careful. There is a lot going on with kava, it’s good to set the record straight. This herbal drink of the same name is not a hallucinogenic drug as some claim. The effects are soft, one or two cuts will make you relaxed and somewhat sleepy.

Travellers tend to mix kava with Ayuhuasca, a ceremonial drink that Amazonian tribes use to “have visions”. What is in Fiji is nothing like that. If you are comfortable with your guests, don’t hesitate to try it. You will see that Fijians, who drink it every day, will be happy to share this ancestral tradition with you.

The kava ceremony is very impressive in Fiji. The Chef makes you sit in front of him, he asks you to clap your hands once, then he serves you the bowl of kava, which you must drink at a stroke, before knocking three times in your hands saying “bula”. Mixed with traditional music, the ritual will remain anchored in your head as one of your most beautiful memories.

What about the taste? A mixture of pepper, mud and cough syrup. It makes you want to, it’s up to you.

Some Suggestions For An Unforgettable Trip

In Fiji, you can count on turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, lush vegetation and a culture to make any country jealous. This little piece of country offers different choices whether it’s a trip to a decadent resort or a backpacking adventure.

333 islands, so many ways to discover this country.

Here are some options for you:

The Mamanucas

An hour’s boat’s boat from Viti Levu, these islands offer stunning beaches worthy of a postcard. One of these islands was even the location of the famous Tom Hanks film, Castaway. Taken by resorts as a tourist spot, you can visit the island of Monuriki on a day trip.

The Yasawas

Another location, the famous film The Blue Lagoon this time, you will have the opportunity to explore the mysterious waters of the Cave Sawa-i-Lau and snorkel in the reefs frequented by manta rays, also known as “devils of the seas”. Reaching up to nine meters in wingspan, these funny beasts will give you chills. But don’t worry, although they are imposing, these rays are peaceful and quite harmless.

On my second stay in Fiji (the first was only a two-day stopover), I befriended a Fijian named Samu who invited me on his boat for three days. Fishing, swimming and snorkeling are on the programme.


If you want to think outside the box and get to know the authentic country, choose Kadavu. Although isolated, this island is easily accessible by air from Viti Levu. Several organizations will offer you eco-tourism (also called responsible tourism), which allows you to visit while establishing a privileged contact with the local population. The east of the island is bordered by the fourth largest coral reef in the world, inhabited by manta rays and an incredible diversity of fish. People come from all over the world to have the chance to try this fabulous “spot” fishing.

This was just a few suggestions, but Fiji is full of picturesque places where you’ll feel like you’re alone in the world. By intelligently choosing accommodation and activities, a trip to Fijian soil can be quite affordable. As always, avoid tourist traps and prefer small local agencies.


Discover Madagascar

A Trip To Madagascar Means Discovering More Than Just A Country

A question that can hurt more ways than one, “Am I making the right choice?”

I contemplated that question when I recently went on a holiday that is, my memorable holiday in Madagascar. Well, let’s set aside the most well-directed places and focus a little on what transpired during my travel, in other words, exploration. 

Lemurs and fossas do exist here, but there is no hippo, no giraffe, not to mention a lion. Speaking of plants and animals, it is where Madagascar’s real treasures are. And it’s just a tiny bit of it. Truth to be told, this article will be quite long if we will enumerate all the treasures of Malagasy. You should visit Madagascar to see for yourself. 

One of the hassles of travelling in Madagascar is the inconveniences of the roads. Expect to travel with chickens and other animals when you travel by minibus. I can very well see that you are waiting for me to tell you the secret on how to avoid this. 

Travel Tips

You might be expecting my advice on how to make a vacation to Madagascar a memorable one. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m a perfect trip is up to each and every traveller. I can only impart what I had learned in my travels to Madagascar in the hopes that you will gain some knowledge out of it. 

It is important to note that the majority of flights to Madagascar land in Antananarivo, the country’s capital. A pretty common city for me, not much to see here but when you have time, try and explore it as well. 

One thing to note though is that the streets become quite dangerous at night, well, like in any other city. Just be extra careful when travelling at night-time. 

For me, I secured for myself a reliable local guide and of course my trusty backpack and an open mind for adventure.

My guide provided me these routes:

  • Head south and cross the RN 7, a quite interesting national road with tales to tell about the “dahalos” or local bandits. Truth or myth, just avoid night trips through the route, that’s all I recommend. Landscapes are not that amazing but also a beauty in itself as you pass along the road. The Park of Isalo, is an absolute must to visit though.
  • Head westwards to Majunga, also called the city of flowers. It is a famous seaside resort on the island. Drop by if beaches are your thing. This city though is quite amazing due to its weather: comfortably hot and with minimal humidity. For me, there is more to this city than meets the eye.
  • The last one is to head east, which became my favorite. Well it kind of stuck with me and I was really amazed. The scenery on National II is breathtaking and indescribable, beyond words so to speak. Tamatave, a remarkable port, is where this route ends. As we continued north along the coast, I was astounded by how beautiful it is. I can simply say that this is my favorite part of the island. National V can be described as a track but not really a road. Oftentimes you have to cross rivers and or fjords in order to continue. All these are worth the hassle though as the locale is just simply MAGNIFICENT.

I hope this article will have made you want to take a holiday to Madagascar. This is one of my favorite destinations and I hope this will be the case for you as well.

Picture of Clickfunnels and Calendly

How to Integrate Clickfunnels with Calendly

There is no denying that the way to run online businesses has evolved over the past decade. In other words, the techniques of old are no longer relevant for current services.

Before now, prospective customers can scroll around your website, check through your web pages, and take some web content as they deem fit. Now, if you have invested in advertising, you want to maximize what visitors get to see on your website.

You want to manage what visitors are learning about your business, current offers, and optimize the profit you make from each person. You guide them to become paying customers.

That may sound not easy, but it is. It is the demand of a modern-day online business. What you need to achieve is to get easy-to-use software designed for that purpose. Even if to you, it’s a puzzle, it’s something software like Clickfunnels can solve.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an easy solution to master the art of marketing. It’s the most convenient means to make high yield sales and turn potential customers right into paying customers.

It’s your all-in-one system to develop an effective sales funnel. It includes excellent marketing tools like landing pages, invoicing, email integration, webinars, membership subscriptions, and other online marketing tools.

How you integrate all of these tools determines how well you can maximize your profits making ability. They all make up an effective sales funnel strategy, and Clickfunnels ensure you have all you need to make your sales funnel effective.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnels are the multi-level steps designed to guide visitors and prospective customers within your sales process to convert them into paying customers eventually.

Usually, at first contact, many visitors click your advert or enter into your website.

But, because there are several points from the moment a visitor clicks your advert to the moment they make a purchase, not all those who enter will eventually make purchases. Some drop out at various points.

However, you can break down your visitor’s trip within your sales process into smaller actions. You can determine more precisely when and how to provide various offers to your visitors at each step of the way.

These offers will ensure your visitor stays till the end and makes a purchase.

A typical sales funnel looks something like this;

  • A prospective customer arrives at your landing page
  • Your landing page conducts the initial deal (something usually free like collecting their email)
  • Pitch main offer when the emails accumulate
  • Leads come in through email to become a paying customer
  • You send more email communications to offer more value
  • Build additional relationships
  • Repeat the sales process

Before now, you’ll need more than one software to carry out all these steps. However, Clickfunnels takes care of all these and every little thing from a single customer account.

Other software offers sales marketing options and is also useful for online marketing business. The problem is that they usually do only one thing and allow you to integrate other applications to complete the process.

This problem is something Clickfunnels can solve. It’s an all in one remedy to deliver the perfect sales funnels and one of the best sales funnels software available today.

Integrating Calendly with Clickfunnels

Picture of How to Integrate Clickfunnels with Calendly

As you continue to run your sales funnel process, someone might want to schedule a meeting with you. Therefore, you’ll need to have their contact in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process to follow up quickly.

This stage is where software like Calendly becomes handy.

While Clickfunnels has its appointments calendar tools, you might want to choose Calendly, which is also a good choice. The good news is that Calendly integrates well with Clickfunnels.

Calendly is an application for scheduling meetings, appointments, and events. The goal is to eliminate the problem of clashing events.

You can send your Calendly link to the people booking time with you even if they don’t use Calendly. They get to see the openings in your schedule and then select one that suits them.

This way, you are sure to fix events at times that are convenient for both parties, eliminates time zone conflict, and unnecessary conversations about free time.

Steps to Integrate Clickfunnels with Calendly

Connecting Calendly to Clickfunnels is easy, and it does not require any coding knowledge. Follow these simple steps to do it;

Step 1: Authenticate (Sign up and Login) to both software

Step 2: To kick off your automation process, pick one of the apps as the trigger

Step 3: Choose the other app from a resulting action

Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one of the apps to the other

Step 5: That’s all you need to do!

Final Verdict

Usually, it’s not best to compare similar software because each tool excels in one area than the others. However, Clickfunnels seems to be in a class of its own.

It not only saves you money, but you also get to avoid the techie stuff associated with sales funnels software. It is an all in one remedy that delivers the perfect sales funnels software.